Five Karaoke Tips

Hello Karaoke Fan! 

Just a little preparation—and a little bit of the unexpected—will keep you from being That Person at karaoke no one wants to hear sing. Here are a few tips to make you the Shining Star at any karaoke show: 

  1. Know Your Song – Does it have a long intro or guitar solo during the song? Do you actually know the lyrics? Does the chorus repeat over and over (“Hey Jude” anyone)? Consider these things. Otherwise, you’ll be up there waiting for the nightmare to be over. 
  2. Hold the Mic Right – Hold the mic up perpendicularly to your mouth and keep it there. A KJ’s job is to make you sound good, but we can’t do that if we can’t hear you in the mic. Also, don’t sing Prince if your voice sounds like Barry White. 
  3. Pick a New Song – Look, we all love “Sweet Caroline,” “Don’t Stop Believing,” and “Livin’ on a Prayer,” they’re awesome songs, but try something different. Think The Proclaimers, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”. 
  4. Know Your Audience – If you show up and the crowd has a bunch of families, don’t expect to sing 2 Life Crew. Likewise, don’t choose Hank Williams, Sr. in an urban setting. Feel the crowd, don’t know what you should sing, ask you KJ. 
  5. Love What You Do – This is the most important of all. If you’re singing Ariana Grande, because, well, she’s popular, but you’re more of a TLC fan – then for heaven’s sake sing TLC. If you don’t love what you’re singing it will show. 

While these tips won’t make you a famous singer, they will help you be the star of the show on karaoke night. Come try them at one of our weekly show (see below). 

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